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Since 1936, Cla-Val has been a leading manufacturer of automatic control valves, serving waterworks, fire protection, aviation ground fueling, marine and industrial customers throughout the world.
Cla-Val automatic control valves reflect the lessons learned from more than 80 years of demanding real-world use in applications such as waterworks distribution systems, fire protection systems, farm irrigation, naval ship systems, fueling, mining and industrial fluid handling systems. Their aggressive research and development programs have resulted in the design and production of technologically advanced electronic and hydraulic control systems that consistently meet the challenges of increasingly complex and diverse applications.

Altomar, as a representative and distributor of Cla-Val, is able to provide spare parts and valves, and also projects solutions.

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Cla-Val produces the world's highest quality automatic control valves. They are able to achieve this through a unique combination of engineering expertise, craftsmanship, quality materials, sophisticated manufacturing processes and superior customer service, backed by the best business assurance. This commitment has made them earn a reputation for excellence in the United States and around the world as a valve manufacturer.