We know that time is an essential factor for our clients. So every detail matters. If your business does not stop, Altomar does not either.


Where Are We



Solid partnerships and global networking enable cost reduction through price arbitrage.


Emergency and high complexity deliveries where and when you need it. Our logistics solutions reduce costs and increase the efficiency of our clients.


Global operation and know-how to nationalize products generate cost reduction and logistics intelligence for our clients. We can control the process of storing, packaging and labeling products and we also have a specialized customs team to guarantee security and speed in deliveries.


To serve our clients and conduct operations in a safe and transparent manner, we need to be more than a trading of services, parts and equipment. And we are. Altomar is a Technical Trading.

This means that excellence is an obsession for us. We have highly specialized teams. Because this is the only way to solve complex demands, reduce operating costs and develop strategic partnerships with the largest suppliers in the energy market.