Your company works 24/7. Altomar does too.

With global operations, we work in an efficient
and objective manner to serve your business.


Where we are



Our global operation guarantees ability of growth. Besides, we have the know how to nationalize your product, to receive import licenses and to make appropriate fiscal classifications.


We work with a highly specialized team in all steps of our workflow, which guarantees safety and efficiency, even in priority and highly complex deliveries.


Our products catalog offers different solutions, such as automation, security, instrumentation, electricity generation and electrical solutions.


Our partnership with world class manufacturers allows us to distribute and represent them, making sure they get priority deliveries, reduced prices, support, and project development.


Altomar has a global operation and works with strong partnerships so it may be able to nationalize your products with an efficient logistics, making priority and complex deliveries, guaranteeing its safety and speed.

Other than that, with our power of scale we can offer these services with reduced costs when compared to other companies.