We are experts in turning demands of high complexity into reliable and personalized processes.



Since 2010, we have conquered great clients in the energy sector. Whether through imports, representations of major brands or trading of equipment and spare parts, solving problems with safe and precise operations.

More than supplying parts, we provide confidence. This is the keyword that drives the gears of our business. We get this trust in every delivery, every quotation or even a simple call. That’s because we use our logistics efficiency, technical expertise and global networking to shorten distances, reduce costs and increase our client’s operational productivity.

Altomar has become specialized in supplying valves, actuators and its spare parts for the Energy and Oil & Gas sectors; with technical know-how gathered in projects for the biggest companies in the world and logistic efficiency that reduce costs and delivery time; partnerships developed worldwide with main producers; specialized team with expertise and knowledge in the valve segment. Altomar can tailor project specific packages with competitive costs and factory lead times.





Representation and Distribution